Yes, we met at McDonalds!

Every couple has that special story they tell when others ask how they met.  Our story is not so romantic, but special in it’s own way.

As I alluded to in the last blog, my divorce was a bit painful.  So much so, that I didn’t date at all.  I mean, not one date.  No, I was not going to be vulnerable, so I thought it best to close myself off from every opportunity.  Not that there were many of those either.  I wasn’t exactly filled with self confidence, nor did I feel attractive or sexy.

About six months after my divorce, I was out with my girls on a Sunday.  It was a fresh spring day, and I was finally starting to be in a better place mentally than I had been over the winter.  I took the girls to the park, and afterwards they wanted lunch.  I think I tried every option available, but they were insistent on McDonalds.  

As soon as I walked up to the register, there he was.  I actually only saw his backside initially, but that was good enough for me.  Then he turned around, and the most attractive, Robert Downey Jr lookalike was staring back at me.  You know when people say they just knew, blah, blah ,blah.  Well, I think it’s true.  Something lit up in me that I thought was forever gone.  

He was with two children of his own, a boy and a girl, close to the ages of mine.  His daughter and my daughter started talking, and the conversations continued through our fancy dining experience of nuggets and fries.

Then he left.  I couldn’t help but to feel this sinking feeling in my stomach, that something I hadn’t felt in ages appeared and left so quickly.  As we were finishing up our lunch, to my surprise, Shawn’s four year old daughter came strolling up to my table.  She was holding a folded up napkin, which she handed over and said “my daddy gave me this, but it’s for you!” I thanked her and watched her walk back out.  I looked down in my lap and opened the napkin, to find his name and phone number written inside.

I know, some people may think it’s corny, or wrong, but I found it adorable.  He didn’t want to be so bold as to approach me that way in front of my daughters.  I appreciated that, and called him the next day.  The rest is history.

I did wait a few months before I introduced him officially to my children.  I needed to know it was going somewhere first.  After a while, we both knew that he had so much to offer, and it wouldn’t be right to hold him from the kids.  Since the girls were so young, they took to him right away.  Now they have two dads, their biological dad, and their stepdad.  In my opinion, that makes them very fortunate.

So, as you can see, you never really know when that magical moment will happen.  The key is to be ready for it.  I sure wasn’t looking that day at McDonalds.  Sometimes there is a plan out there for us that we are unaware of, and all the stars align to make it happen!

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One comment on “Yes, we met at McDonalds!

  1. Christina Nov 26, 2014

    This is so sweet and special!! So happy for you.

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