A blended family is a family that includes children from a previous relationship or marriage. One or both partners may have children.

40-50% of today’s marriages fail, and new relationships formed after are often blended families.

The purpose of this podcast is to create a community to help these struggling families develop methods to make it all work.

This show is for you if

  • you have a blended family
  • you are a single parent looking to date or already dating
  • you are single and dating, with no children of your own, but open to dating someone with children

Some topics we will discuss

  • divorce
  • communication
  • establishing rules
  • fighting
  • family bonding
  • much more

Send in your ideas for topics to

This will be a weekly, 20-30 minute solo show, released every Monday.

About the host

I have had a blended family for almost eight years.  I live in Florida with Shawn (my almost husband), four kids, my mother in law, and three dogs. I also run a local house cleaning business with Shawn called Meticulous Mom Housecleaning.

Next Week’s topic is Having a Healthy Divorce!