There are many emotions that a non custodial parent feels. Many people think it is an easy role, but they forget that it’s not always the wanted role. Many non custodial parents wish things were otherwise. In this show I share what these emotions are., I also I give 5 tips for both custodial parents and the partners of non custodials to help those in the non custodial position. And some special words of encouragement for my fellow non custodial parents.


5 tips for the custodial bio parent or stepparent


  1. Have empathy
  2. Don’t make it difficult for your child to communicate with their parent
  3. Keep the lines of communication open
  4. Notify them of special events or functions so they can attend
  5. Don’t make them uncomfortable at these events.


5 tips for the partner of the non custodial


  1. Offer emotional support
  2. Don’t make them feel guilty for spending time with the kids
  3. Give them space after dropoffs
  4. Allow your partner to build a relationship slowly with your kids
  5. Don’t make them feel guilty for communicating with their ex


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