Anxiety is something that many people suffer from nowadays, especially in a blended family. Even children are more prone to anxiety now than ever before.


My guest, Stephanie’s Dalfonzo’s first career was as Stevie Knox,” one of South Florida’s most popular radio DJs during the 80s and early 90s. Shifting careers as she raised her children, she delved into the Healing Arts. Over 20 years later, Stephanie is now a Speaker, Spiritual Healer and Coach, Yoga Teacher and Certified Hypnotist (among other things). Sharing inspirational empowerment with simple action steps. Stephanie empowers women to move from anxiety, fear, stress and despair to freedom, peace of mind and joy in their lives. She has freed thousands of people, from  ages 8 to 82, from their fears, stress and anxiety.


In this interview, we talk about


  • Her personal story
  • What anxiety actually is and what it feels like
  • Why anxiety seems to be more prevalent these days
  • Medication and anxiety
  • Children and anxiety
  • And much more


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