Happy Mother’s Day!

For this Mother’s Day special, I am featuring three mom podcasters that I think are making a big impact in the world!


Shawn Fink is the founder of The Abundant Mama Project and the author of “The Playful Family” and “The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow.” She is the mother of twin girls, Jadyn and Liana, and a family wellness coach for mothers around the world. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post,, Scary Mommy, and The Shriver Report.

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Mary Grace is the host of The Global Mom Show Podcast, a show that helps moms cultivate a global perspective in their own life and in their children’s’. Mary Grace is a wife, a mom of three boys, a former expat and development worker, and a freelance writer for nonprofits and businesses. She has a master’s degree in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management from the SIT Graduate Institute, and she has studied and worked abroad in Germany and India, and traveled many other places as well. Today she makes her home in the US, where one of her goals is to stay connected with a global view of life.

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Casey Destefano is an accomplished Director/Producer with more than 20 years experience in Film and TV. She has worked with companies such as: NBC, FOX, HBO, DreamWorks, Universal Studios, The Disney Channel & Nickelodeon. Currently she owns her own boutique marketing agency where her team specializes in utilizing video to help women led-businesses build strong powerful brands. In addition, Casey is the host of the hit podcast, “Women with Balls…in the Air,” where she coaches her audience to have successful careers and abundant family lives without pulling their hair out!

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Questions for my moms to answer!

What is the thing you enjoy most about being a mom?

What makes you proudest as a mom?

What is your best mom superpower?

What do you want your kids to remember most about their childhood?

If you had to name three positive adjectives about you as a mother, what would they be?


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