Dr. Jennelle is a PhD Psychologist and Relationship Advisor working with individuals and couples who want to improve communication, collaboration, and harmony in their relationships. Dr. Jennelle focuses on nontraditional relationships and family structures (i.e., female same-sex couples, divorced/remarrying couples, and blended families), helping to navigate the challenges in these complex dynamics by developing skills that lead to stronger partnerships, better parenting, and greater peace.

She joins me on the show to discuss

  • Her personal story
  • How can a new couple work on their relationship in a blended family
  • How can a long term couple work on their relationship in a blended family
  • What to do when family members don’t get along
  • How to not allow family relationships to come between your partnership
  • How can a couple not allow an ex to damage their current relationship
  • Exercise and tips to nurture your relationship
  • What Jennelle has to offer
  • The Big Change of Heart Podcast


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